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Reiki Treatments

Shelley is a Reiki Master and has been trained in the the Usui Traditon of Natural Healing and practised Reiki since 2005.  She can offer Reiki treatments as an alternative therapy in the sanctuary of her own home as well as in Treatment Rooms, Home Visits and for Holistic Therapy Days at Corporate Functions.

This ancient, holistic, alternative therapy activates the body’s natural ability to heal itself through universal life-force energy bringing mind, body and spirit into balance.

Releases accumulated daily stress, recognised as one of the major causes of illness.  Aids in healing the root cause and not just the symptoms and works on all levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Reiki is a safe, natural, alternative healing therapy and can be used alongside other complimentary therapies and conventional medicine.  The recipient remains fully clothed throughout on the treatment couch or chair. 

No belief system is necessary for the recipient to benefit from Reiki.  Reiki Practitioners are a channel for the healing energy of Reiki and do not diagnose or make claims to heal.  Reiki is an intelligent, universal life-force energy and will go to where it is most needed.  

Shelley Lozano, Reiki Master .


Reiki treatments are available at Target Health Group in Bedford Place and Completely Gorgeous Beauty in Bitterne.  

To book at Reiki treatment session please call Shelley on 07747 804447 / 02380 442783.

Target Health Group - 07717 188845

Completely Gorgeous Beauty Therapy - 02381 122288



Reiki - 30 minutes £25  /  1 hour £35  

15 minute Guided Meditation with Reiki - 1 hour £35

  • Stressed, tired, over-worked?
  • Introductory offer of £5 off any first 60 minute Reiki treatment or block booking or 4 treatments
  • Guided Meditation for Relaxation & Belly Dance Workshops available for Hotels, Clubs & Groups


Please email for further details:

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